Goodbye cheez mode :(

Looks like they are fixing Crota’s End

Im level 29 and have not tried the new raid yet…anyone on this weekend wanna do the cheez run before they fix it so i can get some new gear? Would really appreciate any help as i wanna try to get back into the swing of things in Destiny.

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Welcome back @Droul! I’m also looking to do Crota’s End this weekend. I was thinking Sunday night. What works best for you?

I’ll be in for Sunday night as well as I’ll just be getting back in town.


I’d like to be run through again before it gets fixed.

Sunday is a good day for me! just lemme know a time and ill be there…and thank you!!

Bad news, my flights tomorrow got messed up so I won’t be back in time to play. Looks like Monday night is my last chance to cheese the big guy.

Anyone wanna get a cheese run in tonight for old time’s sake?