Goodies for us



How many can say they’ve had their face snuggled by a Strain squirg? Not many, but you can be one of the precious few with your very own Facesnuggler.

We here at WildStar want to celebrate our first month by giving you something unique, and….gross. If you know us, you know that we here at WildStar like things that make everyone cringe. So to celebrate our first month, we’re giving everyone a cringe-worthy, Account Level reward. All you have to do is to have applied a retail key to your account by 12:01AM PDT/7:01AM UTC, Monday July 7th.
A few tidbits of information for you –

The Facesnuggler is an account wide item, and once applied, will be available to all characters on one account.
Accounts with retail keys that are applied after deadline will not be eligible for the Facesnuggler item.
The Facesnuggler should be on your account, and ready to snuggle your face by 12:01PM PDT/19:01 UTC, Tuesday July 8th.