Google Authenticator please!



Add the Google Authenticator to your account. I won’t say it’s mandatory, however from playing MMOs from EQ1 to now, I have ALWAYS used whatever authenticator is available, and NEVER had my account jacked. Side note, 2% exp bonus adds up. Cosmetic items don’t mean shit, but a FREE app/service from Google gives you FREE EXP and some cool random gear stuff, do it!
Click here to add it.

Stitch approves!


you stole my thunder! was just opening up page to post the same thing!

i installed it yesterday and like you, i’ve always used a 2 step authenticator if it is available. not to mention the bonuses, that’s just gravy.


I’m sure we are going to ask that everyone with advanced permissions in the guild have this enabled. I won’t go so far as to say that it is required for all members, but I would strongly suggest it.


Just do it, create a Google account, even if you don’t plan to use any of their services. I lost my High Warlord in WoW because hackers. I am a lifelong computer enthusiast, the embarrassment hurt more than losing my character.