Got a very good delivery today!




Now my only limitation when I travel will be the Hotels crappy internet.

For the curious:
ASUS ROG: G Series.
Intel: Core i7
NVIDIA GTX 970M (3gb)
16gb RAM
17.3" Display


Wow, how much does that thing weigh?


That thing looks sick.


Absolutely beautiful; so jealous.

I see Recylce Bin and ESO… what’s the middle icon on the top left?


I think we should be sponsored by ASUS at this point.


you know, I’m not really sure. But it’s probably the heaviest laptop I’ve ever held.

[Edit] Just did a weigh in, she’s right around 8lbs. lol!

That’s my antivirus.


Is it Vipre? My dad offered to put it on my computer, but I’m already using avast.


You don’t need anti-virus software on Windows 8. It’s a resource hog and utterly pointless. Windows runs its own security.

Windows Defender from version 8 onward is a full anti-malware system. Previously, it specialized more on spyware. Now it’s more like MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) but now it’s built into Windows 8. I’m talking about built into the core. It’s the most real-time solution you’re ever going to get so installing Norton or other such nonsense is 100% bloat.

What antivirus do you run?

Too late, already paid for Avast :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sorry. I have failed you.


Where were you 2 months ago when I built my PC? >:(


Well if you’re into PC gaming, to be honest I would uninstall it whether you paid for it or not. All it’s doing is adding an unecessary layer of load to everything you do. :frowning:


Yes, it is Vipre. It’s what the company I work for uses.

I did not know any of this. Thanks for the info.


Very true,
remember children, if you’re going to look at porn or torrent thingies, use your old Mac laptop that can’t be trusted to do anything legitimately any more.


So, that laptop is gorgeous, and now I’m resisting the urge to buy one myself. Like… really trying hard. It’s not working out too well either. :frowning: Ugh.


I had no idea about this. I used to use Avira, but I found that it would run little adds over and over, eventually using up 99% of my CPU. I’d come home to my fans running like ballistic animals. So, I uninstalled and went to Avast, but if you’re confident that WIndows’ own software will work well enough for it, I’ll remove it. It is a resource hog.


I can back @Vocino up with personal experience! When I was building my… build,

I did a lot of research regarding behind the scenes protection and found that Windows Defender is indeed the go to for current 8 and 8.1 builds.

##I don’t use anti-virus software. Am I nuts?
by Rick Broida from CNET

"I’m the on-call tech guy for family members, and most of my “repair” jobs involve clearing out malware infestations. You know the kind: hijacked browsers, rampant pop-ups, seriously impaired computer performance.

The irony is that there’s usually some kind of security software running on their machines, be it McAfee, Norton, or the like. But after hearing me mutter under my breath about PEBKAC errors, I get the inevitable question: “Well, what security software do you use?”


Crazy? Crazy like a fox, thank you very much. This has been my modus operandi for years, and I swear on a stack of Wikipedias I’ve never had a single issue. No viruses, no spyware, no rootkits, no browser hijacking. No identity theft, no keylogging, no trojans.

Have I had to reset passwords following database breaches like this one? Of course. But that’s beyond my control. What I can control is my own PC and how I interact with the Internet. After nearly a decade of running virtually no third-party security tools, here’s the score: Broida, 1; Hackers, 0.

I realize this flies in the face of conventional wisdom, which insists you don’t even boot your PC unless it’s running a comprehensive security suite. Meh. I’m fine with it in principle, and obviously some users need it, but I balk at both the cost and the performance impact (though both have decreased admirably in recent years).

My Security Secret

How do I get away with this online offense, this browser blasphemy? There’s no trick to it; it’s just a simple trick.

My computer runs Windows 8, as secure an operating system as Microsoft has ever released. That’s right, I said it. (Windows 7 was nearly as good, and I lived securely in it for years.) In addition to its built-in firewall, the OS offers anti-virus protection in the form of Defender (formerly the standalone Security Essentials), plus SmartScreen for protection from malware and phishing scams. Internet Explorer also provides plenty of safeguards against hijacking and the like, though I’m a Google Chrome user.

Speaking of which, all modern browsers IE, Chrome, Firefox employ robust security features of their own, and let’s face it: your browser is the gateway to many, if not most, infections. Chrome, for example, will warn you about suspicious sites before letting you through to them, and its sandboxing helps prevent malware from “escaping” one tab and infecting all the others."


If you’re interested in a gaming laptop that travels a little more, check out the RAZER Blade:


I just looked up the specs, it doesn’t look much lighter than the ASUS ROG, even if it is thinner.

Plus, I’m very unfamiliar with the Razer brand and their reliability.


Hmm, what are you looking at? It’s 4.4lbs for the heaviest model (touch screen). 4.1lbs for the non-touch.


personally, i would never spend that kind of money on a razer product. i’ve never had anything but a bad taste in my mouth after using razer stuff. been burned too many times.