Got accepted into the PS4 Stream event!


Alright everybody, so I’ve been in touch with the main guy for the event. I’m going to be streaming a currently PS4 exclusive game called Klaus. It’s a 2D Retro Puzzle Platformer, and it actually looks pretty fun, has good reviews, and it should be nothing short of a good time!

Most of the Marketing will be handled by the streamers themselves, so I’ll be posting more updates as I get them. If anyone wants to help out, if you see me post anything about Klaus on my Twitter, throw me a retweet and let’s get this thing going!

Once he sends me the code to install it on my PS4 I’ll boot up the stream, which should be this weekend. I’ll throw the links in here as well. Let’s get the word out folks, the bigger this event is, the bigger the events will be in the future!

I’ll post more in this thread as I get more info! Thanks again for the opportunity @simplyundrea! Oh, by the way, who else got in? He said currently there’s a out 20 streamers involved.


I’ll be able to update this thread with the poster @nostalgictranquility is making once it’s approved & everything. Then I’ll be able to promo like crazy, haha.

And you’re welcome, @ThatDoomThough. Gotta look out for my Strats fam. :smile:


Got the invite as well. Pretty stoked for this, gonna be a fun Saturday. Definitely a big thanks to @simplyundrea for bring us into this.