Graduation Ceremony for Skullcano



Well, it wasn’t pretty; I daresay it was KV-rough. After nearly 4 hours of smashing our faces into a dungeon most of us had never been in, we finished it off with a full guild group. The final boss fight was accomplished without cheese and a couple of us got some imbuements out of it too :wink:

Cheers to the graduating class:
Tank: @Diacuss
DPS: @Brogdan
DPS: @GuardianX
DPS: @Rellek
Heals: @Auth

We’ll get the video clips up sometime soon, but let’s be honest: nobody’s going to watch a 4-hour run XD


Rough as always but managed to muscle through the dungeon. Swordmaiden here we come. -_-

Edit: Added a couple of videos. First of the entire fight and the second of the last boss kill.

Strats Co First of Vet Dungeon Skullcano
Mordechai Redmoon Kill


Consider this my 2-weeks notice :wink:


Grats, sorry I had to drop out but I think I will have that issue sorted today.


If you just watch the final fight video it makes it look like we are pros :smile:


Congrats all around!


GJ guys!