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With the VR content on the way and some serious PvP events on the horizon, I wanted to discuss the readiness of our guild as it pertains to support roles.

In an attempt to ensure each and every guild member has access to the best weapons, armor, potions and provisioning supplies available, We are discussing the design of a crafters support structure within the guild.

Grand Master and Master Craftsman positions would be created in every crafting. The Grand Master would be accountable to the Guilds Senior leadership; provide coordination and resource management. The Master Craftsmen would be accountable to the Grand Master concerning their specialization within the craft.

It would look something like this:

  • Grand Master Craftsman (Carpenter)

    • Player A
  • Master Craftsman (Carpentry)

    • Player B (staffs)

    • Player C (Shields)

  • Guild Members with Carpentry

    • Player D

    • Player E

    • Player F

Keep in mind that these roles would not necessarily be filled by the members with the highest rank within their professions. We will need players who want to manage their craft and will take pride in it. If you think you would be interested please post a reply. Comments and feedback is welcome as well.


We are considering making special roles for supervisors and managers or each crafting profession within the guild. If you think you are up for it reply to this post.

Master Craftsmen

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So I’ve currently 50 provisioning and am working clothing and woodworking at 25 respectively. Those are my main skill sets.


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Are you volunteering for the Grand Master Provisioner? We will also need a Master Craftsmen for food and one for drinks.


Someone with more knowledge about it than me can comment but I believe the only difference between Food and Drinks is one is total and one is regen.


If this concept takes off, I would like to see the Grand Master have a Master Craftsman under then for each sub section of their respective craft. I feel this will breed subject matter experts within the force and prevent any one member from become over tapped. But that is just my option.


Yeah, @Vocino the only difference is +regen for drink and +total for food. I’m down for volunteering.


Well I can’t withdraw from the bank for mats, but the bank is now stocked with 40-50 goodies in provisioning.


Master Craftsman for Heavy Armor


Grand Master Blacksmith


I’ve got provisioning leveled to 50 with 3/3 in Chef and 3/3 in Brewer, and a handful of VR food recipes already trained. I also have Alchemy at 50 with 3/3 Chemistry and Laboratory use. As I find more sky shards I intend to put points into Snakeblood and Medicinal use.

I’m also working on enchanting, but it is taking a painfully long time to level so I’m not expecting to be useful there any time soon.


Would you like to be the Grand Master for Provisioning? It would be a leadership role ensuring the guild has what we need, when we need it? It would also entail informing Guild leadership on the best provision product for any given scenario. What do you think?


Sure, sounds like fun! I’ll put together a post with the VR rank food I can currently craft, and the required provisioning items to make it.


Sorry i already gave out the Grand Master for Provisioning…I have a vacancy in Alchemy as a Grand Master and i also am in need of a Master Chef and Master mixoligist (both fall under the Grand Master for Provisioning) Sorry for jumping the gun.


No worries! I was looking forward to being Chef Poosh, but being the Heisenberg of Tamriel and cooking up potions (and skooma) sounds just as good.

I’ve also got woodworking at level 45 with all but one bow trait researched (defending), and I’m working on researching all medium armor traits for clothing, which is at level 43. But I’m pretty sure the whole point of this was to avoid over extend people across multiple disciplines, so I’ll just let you go ahead and decide what is needed more at this point and I’ll go with that decision.


I’ve got my clothing up to 32…

REALLY wish i had more time to spend in game!


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