Grand Master and Master Craftsman Roster

Grand Master and Master Craftsman positions have been created for every crafting profession. The Grand Masters are accountable to the Guilds Senior leadership and provide coordination and resource management. The Master Craftsmen are accountable to the Grand Master concerning their specialization within the craft.

Grand Master Alchemist

Grand Master Blacksmith

  • @Xerosum

    Master Weapon Smith
    - Vacant

    Master Armour
    - @Biff_Tannen1

Grand Master Clothier

Grand Master Enchanter

Grand Master Provisioner

  • @quantum

    Master Chef
    - Vacant

    Master Mixologist
    - Vacant

Grand Master Carpenter

  • Vacant

    Master Bowyer
    - @zive9

    Master Staff Maker
    - Vacant

    Master Shield Maker
    - Vacant


I believe carpenters make shields too.

Can confirm

Thanks! I made the update.

I’ll put my name in the hat for Grand Master Clothier, or Leather Smith. The only reservations I have is that I’m pretty much a filthy casual, and won’t be able to devote enough time to be as good as someone that might get more play time than me. If no one signs up to do it in the next few days, pencil me in one of the slots. :smile: I’m currently a lvl 24 clothier, with 5/9 in tailoring, 2/3 unraveling and 1/3 tannin expertise. so I can craft up to level 50 clothing with the right materials at the moment. Send me the light and medium armor you get and I can break it down, and level up even more and hopefully get into the veteran levels soon.


Sorry it took me so long to get over here. So, as of right now Mr Ice Guy can smith, work the cloth, and shape some wood (lol) for lvls 1-44. Once I get him into the VR ranks I’ll become more active as a crafter for the guild.

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I can make bows for all levels, only have 1 more trait left to research. So, happy to be bowyer.

Thanks for stepping up!

Glad I can help. If anyone wants a bow, just shoot me a PM.

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I’m a lvl 50 Tailor w/ 4-6 traits on all light armor at the moment. I also have all rare motifs along with a few of the more common ones.

Also have lvl 50 in Alchemy.


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Hop on mumble when you get a chance if you are interested in filling one of the vacant slots. I would like the opportunity to discuss what it would entail.

for sure; however, I believe my application is still pending. java

Continue to review the forums. Liking/replying/reading post will quickly increase your membership status.

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Sounds good!

BTW, I’m interested in the Master Tailor spot…I’ll hop in mumble this weekend to chat about the details.

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I penciled you in. :smile: Looking forward to chatting this weekend.

You will need to change me into @Landash1 in game, please.

I moved a post to a new topic: Set lists and crafting station locations

I’m level 50 in blacksmithing.

I’ve been coordinating with @Sybrine so that we will have 8 trait set bonuses as quickly as possible. I am researching Heavy Armor Chest/Pants and she will have 8 for Light Armor Gloves/Belt/Shoes. I will also have 8 for Sword and she will have 8 for Inferno staff/Resto Staff/Shield.

This gives us access to the 5 piece or 2 different 3 piece (8 trait req) end set bonuses in the least amount of time and maximizes our armor values (heavy chest and legs are the highest / gloves and belt are the lowest). This way we can get the 3 piece bonuses for magicka/stamina regen to stay overcharged and use our jewelery for reduced cost.

It would be beneficial for other people to choose/claim specific pieces of gear that no one else has previously researched to get 8 traits researched. This way we can save a month of research by going to that person to get that piece of gear. I believe the 8th trait will take around 28 days (with the 3/3 research upgrade).


I can help as well…I have five light items with 5 traits…soon to be six. I can put some focus on getting 1-2 items to 8 traits. In regards to light armor, what items are you both focusing on so that we don’t duplicate research?