Grand Minecraft CIty

Imagine a city free of crime with only tolerance, friendship, and a battle arena of death. Auth, Kitty, and myself were talking about building a mega city far from everyone else where we can build huge minecraft projects with ancient wonders, and grand castes. If your interested in helping us build a grand city that will stand the test of time post here with your ideas.

What we plan on building so far:

We won’t start until Auth finds us a good location to build the city far from everyone else.


Much interest, very wanting.

Just let me know when and what to bring. I think we should make a post for each build where we post materials and provide pictures.

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Everything is awesome.

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Care to elaborate?

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i play minecraft too, is there a server ip?

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Everything is cool when you’re part of a team!

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Depends on the team…

I would love to help build these/donate resources toward building these:)

i am not that creative so ill leave that up to the pros…BUT i can dig like a mole and would like to offer my services as a miner/gatherer. I have grand plans for a deep pit strip mine that will produce massive amounts of ore and color(lapis, redstone, gold) Just show me the way to the designated resource area and i will give you what you need!!


Just dont forget to save out lapis for when the server goes to 1.8, as you will need it for enchanting.

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I’ve discussed the plans a bit on Mumble, but I wanted to get it in writing for anyone that missed that conversation and make sure everyone knows how I plan to make this happen:

I am going to be scouting and prepping (if necessary) the location in creative mode on the server this week. I’ll name a Region Beacon near it to make travel easy. I will also identify a nearby location that we’ll strip-mine the shit out of for resources. Whatever we get from that mine will be considered for the city (not for personal use back at your homes, etc.). I’ll name that Region Beacon as well to facilitate easy travel. I plan to do the bulk of the work on a Spleef arena including a series of command blocks to reset the arena for us after each match. The rest of the decor and grand works will be up to the community to help plan and build. I’d advise getting a post up and running if there’s a specific project you’d like to head up and plan so you can recruit a build team and start discussing who’s doing what on it.

I will have the grounds identified and ready for builds to begin no later than the beginning of next week, but I’m going to try and be done by Saturday so people can get to work over the weekend if they choose; start thinking about what you want to work on and how you want to do it :wink: