Grand Theft Auto Crew

I am looking for some people that are active on GTA V. I need people that actually play and would be willing to join my crew and follow the rules. Pretty simple stuff. You will go through training by me and my co-leader. Message me for info or if you are interested. -Black Delta Calvary-

Thanks for thinking of us. We are running “Strats and Crew” around here, but I’m sure you knew that already. :smirk:

Now, if you wanted to bring your Crew over here, we could always use some more muscle. We could even talk about a leadership opportunity for you.


Not looking for a clan to join to be honest. Trying to get mine up and running. Thanks for the offer but I’m not a guy to take orders I usually give them. Therefor I would be no good for your Crue. Like I said though, thanks for the offer👌

Wait are you wanting to merge my crew? I’m confused. I’m interested in the whole leadership thing you was saying

Hey @battlefield_fanatic, welcome to the community here. We create guilds, clans, and crews for various games as a community. For example, right now we have a large presence in Destiny (both PS4 & XB1) lead by @Dynamible.

@tommy2118 is leading our GTAV crew and we’ll be hosting large-scale events as outlined in some other threads here.

Since we have such a large infrastructure set up and over 1,000 members, we don’t really have a need to join your clan but we would be more than happy to welcome your members here. @tommy2118 is the guy to talk to and can probably come up with some creative ways to incorporate you guys so that you can take advantage of all the great stuff we have to offer here while still keeping your squad together.

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More like absorb…less like merge. We are a community of mature like minded gamers. We have a lot of infrastructure to offer and we are pulling from a member base of nearly 1000 members. I would not be opposed to bringing all 12 of you in if your crew is the kind of community members we look for around here. And of course, I would not want you to go from the top of your crew to the bottom of mine. We encourage recruitment and content creation here…

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Actually we passed 1,000 members without much fanfare:


Hmmm, I like the sound of where this whole thing is going. So you are basically saying, not merge but allies basically? If so that would be great. We need some kind of backup you know. Anyway just pm me so we could talk more

No not really (although I’m not opposed to being allies) What I am saying is that you and your current crew mates can join Strats. As members you will reap the benefits of our forums, our use of social media, our sponsored Twitch team etc. There is a lot going on here.

Well let me talk it over with my members. We will take a vote and I’ll get back to you by latest tomorrow

Sounds good. One thing are we talking about PS4 here?

If you need any info from us, don’t hesitate to let us know. @Vocino, @tommy2118, @Majordomo, @GuardianX, @Auth are your elder contacts.

Our Goal with “Strats and Crew” is to ensure there is always something to do in the GTA community. We are planning on having a lot of unique content and a very active player base. If our Destiny Clan is any example, there is alway 20-30 members playing at any given time.


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