Granok Four Post Bed




and I’m just stuck with about a thousand neon beer signs. . . .


I want to start by saying I had to double-check the date on the OP.

Moving along, take a look at the housing PSA I’ve done up. Unless you’re just hell-bent on the bed because it looks neat, there are plenty of options out there for rounding out your rested XP bonuses.


I’ve read your housing PSA and I’m not hell bent on the bed. it’s just free, and it’s from a challenge that was easy and quick to get on my plot. And I haven’t been a member very long, so you’ll forgive me if I’m a bit behind.


Oh it’s nothing to do with that. The original post was made by a former officer who effectively rage-quit after throwing a pretty epic tantrum. It’s nothing to do with your familiarity with the posts here on the website or in-game content :wink:


haha, I see. I wondered why he had so many posts in the past but I hadn’t seen him post anything since I joined.