Greatest Highlight EVER!


So I was streaming some Ace Attorney last night with @simplyundrea and lets just say this magical moment happened hope this highlight makes your day as it did for @DrizztDo_Urden69 and @AiKiller

Who knew all I needed to be humorous was a mic mechanic.


AFTER ALL OF THAT, everyone … @Freshie44 finally figured out the right way to get a fingerprint. XD :joy:

I had to mute my mic at one point because I just totally lost it laughing. Ahaha.


Who knew getting fingerprints was going to be so hard and laboring on ones lungs


That was hilarious…lol


I love how hard you’re blowing. Like, full committal to the process. That’s the way to do it Freshie. 10/10 will watch again. Hahaha.