Greetings all

I’m IBee I Live at n Orange California. I play SWTOR and am working on buying a new gpu so I can start drooling more over star citizen. I I’m a nurse at a local hospital, I’m in school for my next degree which keeps me from gaming too much. I’m a new father to a 7 month old and we’ll that’s it.


Hi IBee Welcome to Strats! Congratulations on your new addition to the family :slight_smile:

Welcome to Strats. I grew up in your neck of the woods. The military has moved me around for the last 20 years and I landed in Kentucky. We have a very diverse group of gamers here covering most every platform and a number of time zones. Once again, welcome to Strats.

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Welcome to strats!

welcome my friend!

welcome IBee im new too

Welcome, you will love this group, and I am sure we will love having you as a part of Strats.

Welcome @IBee Happy to have you with us!

Welcome, friend.

feeling the welcome loves… haha Hi everyone.


Welcome! Star Citizen looks like it will be fantastic!

Welcome to Strats Ibee!

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