Greetings and Helpful Links



Good Morning Strats,

I hope you are doing well. First I wanted to thank you for reaching out to Outcry about a potential alliance. As we let Majordomo know, we will be rolling on Ollo with the other pirates from the Alpha Server. I wanted to stop by and share a few links we found during Alpha that have been very helpful and maybe they will benefit you as well.

Pastebin of Useful Links
Outcry Pirate Guide

The last link is a guide we produced, I believe you have a similar guide, which is good as it clears up most misconceptions about pirate gameplay. We have had a great time in Alpha/Beta and everyone is relaxing and preparing for launch now.

Regardless of the alliance or where you decide to roll for launch feel free to stop by our TeamSpeak; if you have any questions, we would be happy to help out with whatever you may need. If you would rather not use TeamSpeak I can be reached via email at or I can stop by your Mumble again.

Thanks again,
Wes “Devoire” Conner

P.S. - Apologies for the links to more links, as a new user I am limited to two links.


Thanks for stopping by man. We appreciate the help and no matter what we decide to do you and outcry are always welcome on our forums!