Greetings Fellow Gamers


Hello everyone, my name is Nigomas. I am an avid gamer who loves to play most games. I am an active streamer as well, usually streaming to Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube with a very small following (just 2 to 3 viewers a stream session). Right now I have been playing alot of PUBG, but I have bought the ESO Morrowind game and I am looking to join up with some people to help me level up and get better at that game (having tons of fun with it but I know I am only scratching the surface). I play mostly on my PC but if I cannot play the game on my PC, I do have a PS4 as well.

I hope to meet some good people to game with as well as do some streaming. Thank you and have a great day!


Welcome to strats :3


Thank you.


Hey mate; thanks (first and foremost) for the Patreon love, and welcome to the party! We’ve got several PUBG players running around like @Dynamible, and if you’ve got questions about ESO, @Rotaugen is our undisputed expert. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


We also have a discord server where we all hang out and chat, come join us!
Don’t forget to link your profile :paw:



Here’s the #elderscrollsonline guild thread:


Welcome aboard!


Thanks, I will check this out later when I get home from work.


Welcome to Strats! Jump in discord probably Tuesday and i will be playing PUBG. Tonight i will be playing Overwatch trying to max out that double xp!


Welcome to Strats!!! :slight_smile: :strats_green:


Welcome aboard :slight_smile:


Sup, Good Sir :wink:


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