Greetings from Freshie44

Hello everyone my name is Zachary but you guys can call me by my username Freshie44 as well or whatever name you want to derive from the username (ex. Fresh). I’ve heard of the group from @simplyundrea and also saw that one of my friends over from Twitch @PeterThomas6 was also on here and found the idea of a non toxic community to be very interesting and while I’m not the best with forums I like to try and keep up with this one.

Mainly my multiplayer games of choice are League of Legends where I usually play top lane with my main Gangplank, and I’ve played a bit of Hearthstone and Diablo 3 and enjoying those. But the majority of my gamings involves hack and slash games and JRPGs and of course play some other genres as well.

I’m also a pretty newer Streamer and YouTuber both of which are of the same name. I’ve believed I first started watching live streams in May of 2014 and fell in love with it and found myself starting to live stream a few months after coincidentally around the same time I plan to try my luck with a gaming YouTube channel. I like to put a bit more time into both but some times it can be hard between College and work but whenever I can record/stream I enjoy it and love to grow it more.

But yeah I’m also interested in joining the groups Twitch team but not sure if there like a certain code of what you need to be able to play or how much you can stream. But either way excited to play a few games with the community when I can and experiencing some new idea and just having a good time with good group of people. Thanks for reading my long winded introduction and can’t wait to start getting know you guys and hope you have a nice day!


Freshhhhhhhhhh (@Freshie44!)

It’s good to see you made it here, and welcome. :smiley:

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Glad to be here @simplyundrea pretty excited to check out the community

Welcome! c: Also, you can stream whatever you want and for as long as you want!

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All right thanks for the information and the welcome

Welcome! Are you only on PC or do you have consoles as well?

Welcome Freshie44 if you need anything I’m sure anyone including myself will try to help.

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@Dynamible for the time being I’m pretty much a PC exclusive at least for social gaming, but I plan to eventually setup my PS3 to become part of my social gaming and will make sure to update that info when I can, also thanks for the welcome

@Zontago thanks for the welcome and if I have a question or need anything I will make sure to ask

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And if I ever get back into LoL I’ll look you up, otherwise I mainly just play on my ps4 now.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Welcome! I played LoL once and was referred to as “The human buffet”

Welcome to the Dark side brother. When I get my PC set up next week, I plan on getting back into LoL I’ll definitely hit you up.

I’ll join in too!

Welcome @Freshie44!! glad to have you with us. I am new to the streaming world but will definitly follow your stream.

Thanks for the welcomes @ghosthog @Huntersknoll @DrizztDo_Urden69 @Droul

For those interested my summoners name is wolfzorn44

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Welcome! Also thanks for stopping by the stream.

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Thanks, and No Prob I enjoyed watching the stream and hope to catch another one when I can

Also for those interested I’m currently running a poll on my channel to let my viewers decide what major game I stream next if you want to put your vote in for it, vote here


Good to see you here sir. :slight_smile: Welcome.

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