Greetings from LA


Whats going on everybody. I go by B or Asume. Mid 20s. Heavy equip. op. Mostly on PS afternoons (US CALI TIME). My search for a platoon/clan/group/community (what have you) for battlefield has led me here. I play other games as well (hitman, far cry primal, hyperlight dryfter etc) but mostly on the bf series. 1 and 4. Ive been very interested in the whole milsim type of gameplay but have not come across it yet although im lookin and trying to network. Either milsim or not im willin to join and participate in any events here and well as contribute and help with whatever i can. psn id: iRackem92. Thanks for takin the time to read.


Welcome to Strats! Feel free to grab a :beer: from the cooler if you’re interested in one.


You dont gotta say that twice :beer: cheers gentlemen. And ladies.


Such as bulldozers and front-end loaders and motor graders?


Welcome! Glad to have you with us.


Mostly Exc. (minis as well), trackloaders, Wheel loaders, Little skids and bobcats. Mostly hillside stuff.


Thanks ghost.


Hey mate, welcome to the party! I saw you already dropped your PSN ID on the list, and I’m guessing you came across the official BF1 PS4 post; if not, here’s a link to it. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


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