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Hey everyone!

Saw your post on The Division clans subreddit and decided I should join. I’m a 25 year old undergraduate student from Sydney, Australia.
I hope its possible I can join this clan despite the major time difference of the clan’s headquarters, but you should know I’m a night owl and always up after midnight.

I don’t play online multiplayer modes of games often, mostly play single player games. This is the first time I’m joining an online gaming community or “clan”. I’ll be able to play most days of the week, got a lot of free time before the semester starts mid/late March, so I can gain more experience in that time to make up for the online inexperience.

Own and been playing on PlayStation consoles since the original, enjoy playing action adventure, jrpgs, and playstation exclusives games. Also open to trying different genre games.

Been wanting to play The Division on the PS4 since I first saw it when it was announced, even if its online only. Deciding this will be the first online multiplayer game that I will play a lot. I hear there is single player mode, but don’t know if there is campaign mode.

I’ll be to play the beta for a few hours when it first starts, then I’ll be staying at a place near the coast for the weekend, so I’ll be bringing my PS4 and a monitor, hopefully there won’t be much lag (if any) using my phone’s LTE data connection, thankfully I already completed the beta pre-download yesterday.

I hope Ubisoft extend the beta by a few days, its not fair that Xbox One get to have an extra day, while everyone else just get 3 measly days! Not enough time to test the beta, not to mention that Xbox users already got to play the alpha version for 4 days just last month!! Which we weren’t invited to!

Its already 7:25 am here, going to sleep now!

Oh my PSN is Griffinhawk should you want to chat or play The Division online when the beta and the full game is out.

See you guys later!


Welcome to Strats @Griffinhawk!! Im glad you could join us for The Division. We have an official clan thread here:

Where everyones PS4 ids are listed so you can add them and they can add you!! look forward to playng with you :smile:


Welcome to Strats! :beard:




Welcome to Strats!


Welcome aboard!


Welcome to the party; let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome fellow new guy!


Hello and welcome




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