Grinding Alts to be ready for Champion System



For most of the time since release, I have had only one character. Then they announced that VR14 characters should keep grinding, as it would result in more Champion Points. I did that for weeks, then they changed their minds and said VR14 gets 70 Champion Points total, and that only characters that were VR1 and above will earn more Champion Points (which can be used by all characters regardless of level). In just a few weeks, got a Nightblade and Templar to VR1. My Dragonknight is at level 42, and might make it to VR1 in time. This shows that I probably could have taken 8 characters to VR1 instead of one to VR14 in the same time period. Now that VR ranks will supposedly go away, it would have been a waste. What they haven’t announced is what happens to all the skill points earned from VR2-VR14. Gotta wonder if I will suddenly have 13 skill points go away, and what they will be taken from? Also wonder what happens to all the VR14 level gear. If you have any characters near level 50/VR1, get them there quickly.


I hadn’t even thought about that, though when you get to high levels it doesn’t matter as much, i’ve got everything i need to be a sorc healer w/ a good deal into crafting, and i’m still sitting on ~40 points to spare.


I do too, but with the new system, I don’t know if I need to branch out yet. I have something llike 282 skill points.


I know that the gear levels and the stats associated with them will not initially change, but I’m not sure if anyone outside of the dev team currently know how that will change in the future. If I’m not mistaken the vr level will eventually not show up, but the stats will be different based on the initial item level. It sounds really messy to be honest, I hope they clarify it.


They said the VR levels would remain for a while, but haven’t set a date to remove. I would think if they were getting rid of them, they would do it at console release. Why start them on something they know is going away? I’d like to know if I should be crafting Vet gear to store up, if it had better stats after the dropping of VR. I don’t think they even know what they will be doing yet.