Group Ace Attorney Stream

Hey a fellow strats member pointed out to me that I have yet to make a post of the forum to mention this but yeah I do a group play of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney with fellow streamers including @simplyundrea and yeah I do those streams every Thursday at 10:00 PM EST and I think its alot of fun and pretty interesting to watch so yeah hope to see you there.

Also I also wanted to post so like this to also say that I would like to integrate more strats user into my group streams and group videos of prop hunt. Why I don’t plan to add any more people to my current Ace Attorney streams I would like to have others join me for my next group stream of other similar games. I also do G-mod Highlights on my YouTube Channel of the same name and would like to have you guys also guest star in these highlight videos I do.

So if your interested in guest staring on my videos or just join in the wacky fun you can leave a comment here, you can add me on steam so next time I organize a G-Mod session to record, and you can add me on Skype which I use to connect to my fellow streamers for my Ace Attorney Streams. Both my name on steam and Skype is Freshie44 so yeah hope to hear from you guys and hope to add you guys and gals into the wacky fun.


How quickly we forget that I, too, contributed my voice to a few episodes. :slight_smile:

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We never forget Peter your always welcome to come back and provide some more stellar voice acting that will put all us to shame

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This is such a great idea Freshie! Phoenix Wright is such a hilariously fun game. I’m glad you shared this with the forum, I hope some Strats members take you up on the offer!


More like you voiced a few episodes + then disappeared, @PeterThomas6! Lol. :smile:

Ace Attorney every week with @Freshie44 has been a blast, honestly. I really enjoy voicing Maya/Mia.

(Doing Lotta Hart was extremely fun as well. I got to test out my country accent!)

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Oh gosh… I have to find this.

Poor Gourdy :sadgumball: