[GTA 5] Strats and Crew [PS4]

Come for the game. Stay for the people.

Strats and Crew is the Strats presence in Grand Theft Auto V (PS4).

We are a coalition of mature, strategically-minded, and fun-seeking players with little tolerance for IRL toxic shenanigans. (This is GTA after all, there will be some in-game shenanigans :smirk: )

Our members share knowledge off the field, help each other on the field, understand when to be serious, when to be casual, host game events, and foster engagement. If that sounds like something you would like to be a part of, read on.


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I’m new here, what should I do?

  1. Read the Strats Introduction.
  2. Follow the steps in the Join the Strats and Crew Guide
  3. Review the Crew Roster and start adding your new friends to your PSN Friends List.


If you have questions or you’re looking for an invite, these people might be a good start.

Crew Leader



Post your Event!

One more thing (Cue Roleplay), we know you are a toughguy, but are you a real OG mobster? Are you the best f*#king criminal mastermind there is or a stone cold hitman that would make Capone wet himself, a little bit? Then create an event with and for your Crew so we can all be as awesome as you and we can be the most awesome Crew in Los Santos, San Andreas!.