GTA 5 Strats and Crew

With the upcoming release of GTA V for next-gen systems, Strats is putting together a Crew, Strats and Crew to be exact. That’s right there is just to much crime and mayhem out there for us not to get in on a piece of it. (and Destiny was such a big hit :wink:)

You will need to create an account on the Social Club at Rockstars site. It is important to note that although there are some light forum functions available on Rockstar, a vast majority of Crew communications will take place on

I have built this tutorial, complete with screen shots, to help walk you through the process of joining.

Once you have completed the process, update this wiki post so we can get a good idea of who is in the crew.


For those current Strats members that are planning on joining us in GTA V, now is a good time to join. I am activity recruiting new members off site and having a higher member count will assist in that recruiting effort.


Great point. Question: should I be posting the direct link to the social club or to strats?

I have been using both. I think that Strats is the most important because we are requiring Strats membership to join.

Here is an example of one I put out yesterday:

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Looks awesome!

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