GTA for PS4 beta?

Anyone know if there will be a beta for GTA on ps4?

There’s apparently a closed beta going on for PC, but right now I can’t find any evidence or mention of a beta for PS4 or XB1 before the 18 Nov release (27 Jan on PC).

Anyone out there besides me planning to snag this game?

I had it for Xbox 360 loved it. I might get it again for online.

Maybe when it goes on sale for ps4. Bought it for ps3 and enjoyed it. Still waiting for rockstar to release heists…

Yeah, I skipped it while hoping they’d roll it out for current gen and PC. I am officially glad I waited :wink:

I actually think it’s more enjoyable on a console setting. I really enjoyed running around on the PS3. I’d like to do some online stuff when it drops for PS4.

The only reason, for me, to have GTA on PC is the mod community, but I’ll just wait it out for the summer sale and snag it for cheap if I get the itch. It’ll take a while for the good mods to roll out anyway :wink:

We could have a gang. We you find mischief to get into.

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I plan to get it for the PS4. I did play some with the PS3 version, beating the story at least. I stopped playing at first after a couple weeks of online, as by then all my crews had gone inactive. I visited a couple times since then to check out new content, but not much more.

Like many games, the online portion is a grind, and if you don’t have a ton of free time to devote to it, you won’t see or experience everything. Hopefully heists arrive with the new versions, though.

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That’s the plan!

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