GTA V Content Creation

Quality content following release. We need to start thinking about:

  1. What maps do we want to make?
  • Do we want to master one subsect or become a jack-of-all trades?
  • Style:
    • Races
      • Traditional or GTA?
    • On-foot PvP
  • [additional ideas go here]
  1. Where are we going to market them?
  • reddit
  • Social Club (is there even a way?)
  • [additional ideas go here]
  1. How are we going to market them?
  • YouTube videos?
  • Streams?
  • “Let’s Play”-style or more Explanatory?
  • [additional ideas go here]
  1. How can we convert that to Strats turnover?
  • Link to more descriptive post on forums in desc and other sites?
  • [additional ideas go here]
  1. Who’s going to make them?
  • Everyone?
    • Quality control?
      • How, if at all, do we determine what’s good enough?
  • Delegation of video-making responsibility so @Vocino isn’t in it alone?
  • [additional ideas go here]

Dem outlines doe :wink:


@Droul and @teejay1955 this is a good starting outline. Let’s see what we can add to it.

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Being a newb to GTA V i am unsure of what exactly what the game offers. I need more information to start planning stuff…i have all sorts of ideas but do not know if the game provides an outlet for them. I wish i had some playing time on the old gen release so i knew what is available to do.

On YouTube look up a channel called “Let’s Play;” it’s a subsect of Achievement Hunter which is a subsect of Rooster Teeth. They have a ton of content up for GTA 5. There are several “things to do” videos on the RoosterTeeth channel as well; it ought to show you some of the potential available and might help generate more ideas :wink:


I like the outline so far. I am pretty good with video and graphics also so should be able to help out in that arena as well. Will provide more input this week regarding the other questions and ideas.

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@Droul and @teejay1955 I would like to chat with the two of you this week so we can get on the same page. I know that we have a huge mountain to climb, but I am certain it will fall into place once we have the game loaded and we get some real hands-on experience.

Sounds good to me, I, m avail almost always so whenever is good for @Droul will be fine for me

Thanks for the leads @auth I have browsed some of these but will look at the areas you pointed out also

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I’m available most anytime as well. Would be best to do it before Thursday as I will be knee deep in WOW’s expansion.


OMG @auth that rooster teeth has a metric butt ton of videos and has my head full of great plans for content for Strats and crew!! Thanks for the point in the right direction.


I mean, those guys have a company around making videos on the internet, I’d expect them to have a lot of content; I watch them pseudo-regularly and figured it’d get the synapses firing for ideas. Glad they were helpful :wink: