GTA V, PS3 practice runs 11/14/14

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well out there.

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be playing GTA V on my PS3 off and on all day this Sat if any one wants to work on some missions, and practice their driving, bicycling, flying, parachuting, and killing skills. The driving can take some getting used to again, I have been practicing all week, did not realize how bad my driving skills had become. Any way, feel free to join me.


I might try to get on sometime this weekend, I want to see how much stuff I have now that will be carrying over to the PS4. I think I already have an apartment, and some cars, but I’m not sure.


Cool, I just bought an apartment and I only have two cars, but I am stocking up on weapons and such. I am having a great time doing the missions, even alone. I just hit level 17, almost to 18, by the time the next gen comes out I should be level 20 or higher. The only thing that sucks is the A-holes that come by and kill me every once and a while.

Hope to see ya tomorrow, as I said Ill be on, here and there all day starting around 10a CDT or so.

These things wont happen to you after launch… not with Strats and Crew at your side.

This is what would happen to them…


hey buddy!! how much does all these things cost? do you have to be a certain level to unlock them? cars and apartments and guns and all the coolness? i too am kinda worried about launch because ill be starting brand new and totally green at this game. So level 1 people face a short life-span? lol

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I played the last gen. From I remember houses and apartments are all based on money, so anyone can buy them. This is the same for cars, the difference us upgrading cars. To do that you must level up that type of car by competing races. Your main level mostly affects gun. For instance the sniper unlockes at level 18.

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My apartment was 500K, but I did get a lux apartment; my girl deserves nothing but the best. Right now I am looking to but her a classic Corvette, looking at about 700K. You do get your first car fro free, and first gun for free, you have to start doing missions right away to get some cheese flow-en in. The more players the bigger the prizes.

And as fare as your life span; you know Strats has got your back.

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Wish I could join but I recently sold all of my legacy systems, including the games, to finance my ps4 .
You all enjoy and will catch up with you when GTA V launches.

" I came…I saw… I conquered!"
From The Valachi Papers, great movie to check out, it’s on YouTube.

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