GTA V - PS4 - Strats and Crew Launch

This is where it all begins. Join us for the launch of GTA V on PS4 and the formal beginning of Strats and Crew, on Nov 18th.

  • We will have members streaming the event with team Strats.
  • Twitter will be a tweeting away with the latest and greatest from the Crew.
  • Facebook will be going nuts with our antics.
  • We are also working on something special for members that join us for launch as well as the charter members of “Strats and Crew
  • More to follow

Did I mention that we will be sporting our “colors”? How cool is that?


I did mention the cars…right? :smirk:


Is partying too hard leaving you face down in the sand?

Or maybe you are left feeling like this the next day?

Strats has got the cure for what ales ya!

Join us for the launch of GTA V. It’s a place where you can get your party on without all the consequences. See ya at Launch! :smirk:


I can’t wait to rock the Strats colors.


Not to sure about this one…I plan on having a few adult beverages lol not to worry, I will still be able to drive and dance :smile:

Was not aware of the car logo that is very cool!

People who bought GTA digitally, preloads are beginning.


Who’s planning on playing at launch?

I hope to be awake - if so I will be online

I will be. Gotta trick out my Strats rides and iI can’t missed that first group shot :wink:

Join us in Party Chat on PSN; Chat room is called : Strats GTA 5 Hype Party! My PSN is Tommy2118.

Party of two? Come on! Where is everyone!? D:


I’ll be there after I pick it up from game stop. Should be online around 10a CDT. Getting excited!

Won’t be there at 3a, I’m old, I’ll be sleepen.

I’ll be up all night!! So long as the espresso working haha!! I got the crew emblem.rocking on my sultan along with some.crew.secondary and primary colors!! Did I mention I got married T on with the emblem!!


Arr we gonna do mumble or just.psn chat?

We are in PSN right now. Come join us.

Tommy, I think I’d have to switch to the ps4 haha I’m 60 before launch on this character

I’ll be on all day tomorrow, I’ll be looking for the crew; hope to find some of ya and do some damage to Los Santos.

Well I’d say that was a productive (haha) first night!

What happened?!