GTA V Story DLC incoming

Shawn Fonteno the voice of Franklin in the GTA single player story confirmed that they are doing additional voice acting for single player DLC. For anyone that hasn’t played the DLC for GTA IV these are very meaty expansions. The potential content could also impact GTA Online, bringing all new things like weapons, vehicles or game modes. It’s good to see a re-release get this much commitment instead of being a cash grab.

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to play the GTA V story mode, I still strongly recommend it if you have time this winter. It’s one of the most fun campaigns you’ll play in a long time.


Get back on DA!! But I agree with you its nice

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Very nice. I thought they would only focus on the online aspect.

Awesome. I beat the campaign in a week on 360 but I’m not in such a rush on PS4. I’d like to see something new in the campaign.


I was the same way @MarquisBee. I beat the campaign in about a week on the PS3. Once I got it for the PS4 I just wanted to play around with it while they hammered the online issues out but I ended up getting sucked back in and beat it again.

Yeah I thought so too Dynamible but everyone loved the DLC from IV so I guess it only made sense.

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i have been playing the story mode for a week or so and find it incredibly fun and consuming. I really like how you switch between characters during the story so you dont get burned out on 1 person. I hope the DLC comes out soon!!

Yeah I love the character switch. In some missions it’s done so well, like going from flying a helicopter to repelling down a building to sniping, all in the same mission with three different people.