GTX 960 Upgrade? $200


Good lord that link is huge.

Anyways, figured it might be a good upgrade for some that haven’t ventured to yet. Thoughts?

Oh, and it comes with The Witcher 3 fo free.99


I’m not a fan of the 900 series. I had a 970 and couldn’t get it to play nice with my rig so I sent it back. But that’s my own personal bad experience. Not buying another card until DX 12.

@DrizztDo_Urden69 has a 960, never had any problems with it out of the box and loves it.


Don’t forget to buy it from the Strats Amazon link; it doesn’t cost you anything but we get a small advertising kickback from Amazon (the “Support Us” link at the top of the page ;)).


Thankfully anyone that clicks the link I put up there, will be buying it from the strats amazon link :smiley:


Dat free 99 tho. :smile:

I usually wait around for the Ti models of the graphics cards from Nvidia. I have a 780 Ti in mine, and I adore it. Still, that price point is pretty nice. I can’t speak much for the manufacturer though. I never really buy Gigabyte products, but I hear good things.


I’ve been saving since I got my 770 last year. After DX 12 I might jump on a Titan, not sure why I’d need 12GB GDDR5 but it is attractive

What are you upgrading from? Also @ $200, I’d say jump on it.


Im thinking about getting this for my machine…currently running a gtx660, How big of an upgrade is this for me and is it a big enough upgrade to warrant the spending of $200? which is a great price :smile:


I got a Radeon 7770 2Gb edition. Time for an upgrade.


In short, not unless you have disposable income.

In longer, that post from Tom’s Hardware (which is a site I’ve appreciated for years for their benchmarking charts and such) has the 660 only 2 tiers below the 960; they recommend not upgrading unless you’re getting a 3-tier shift. Let the record show I’m aware this is (to some degree) an oversimplification of all the numbers, but it’s a decent baseline to evaluate without having to dig into the particulars and idiosyncrasies of each product. There are some gains, but they could be extremely negligible or minimal depending on the application and aren’t generally recommended unless you just have money to blow.

5-tier difference

Probably :wink:


Thank you @Auth!