Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition



I wanted to talk about an upcoming free May Playstation Plus game: Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition. This is a superb action game that anyone with a PS4 (or PC) should give a good try. Sticking to the formula of Metroidvania games, you progress through the game finding new moves to help unlock new areas as you search for El Presidente’s Daughter. In your travels every nook and cranny is filled with chunks for health upgrades, stamina upgrades, money or ultra-secret orbs that unlock the true ending of the game. With couch co-op you can also bring your friend or significant other to the game and team up in quad-fist throwing action.

Become a true luchador

Guacamelee offers a wide range of fun and flashy moves that let you quickly become a combo monster. Don’t let gravity hold you down as you take fights to the air and keep your combo alive like a real luchador does. With Rooster Uppercut, to Olmec’s Headbutt, the Frog Slam or the Dashing Derpderp you become a fighting machine ready to tackle all the whacky enemies in the game. Even out of combat you learn game changing moves like the goat climb to let you scale walls like some kind of superhero. Throughout the game you find colored blocks that match the glowing aura your moves give off, letting you open up new passageways or secret areas. Oh and there’s INTENSO mode where you become the Incredible Hulk and lay waste to all with hard hitting moves that nobody can survive.

You mentioned money, I like money, a lot… almost too much.

Money can be used to unlock costumes, combo moves and upgrades not found in the world. Costumes not only change your character’s looks, but also give you buffs and debuffs, like a limited health bar, but hits restore your depleted HP. Who doesn’t want to throw on the Piñata costume letting you collect more money from enemies, but be careful… you take more damage being a Piñata and all. With 8 costumes to buy within the game you can truly change your game experience on the fly. :dollar:

Video games need Bosses, I need to test my skills!

As you go through the game you will find several bosses to fight. With constant interaction and taunting, each boss comes in contact with you several times before you get a chance to go 1v1 in a battle for progress. Fights are fun and keep you on your toes as you throw punches and kicks to stop their tyranny.

I like side quests, I know the game is free but I want more bang for my buck.

Rest assured, you will find plenty of side quests to do. With quests like building the World’s Greatest Enchilada or finding I AM ERROR, there are plenty of things to do. If that’s not enough for you, you can also test your abilities to the max in El Diabolo’s lair with the Inferno Challenges. Earning medals your skills WILL be pushed to the limit.

But, will a game like Guacamelee cater to people who enjoy memes?

Certainly. Through humorous dialog and background art, you will have a smile on your face as you explore the games world. There is never a dull moment in Guacamelee.

I have a thing for chickens.

Say no more, please. Through game progress you can actually become a Pollo. Bok Bok Baby.


I think @Nubhugs is the king of new game threads. :heart:


It’s good to be cultured in different games. An unexpected journey in a new game may return surprising results!


I always love these posts, even if I’ve already played them such as this case.


I played the crap out of this on the Xbox one back when it first came out. It is so fun. Definitely one of the best recent platformers I’ve played.


I agree James. I knew it was something special when right after beating I turned around and played it on Hard Mode.


This is a great game. I finished it on PS3, but did not have the fortitude to attempt Hard Mode. Maybe with this version.

I really felt my age at the part with the disappearing platforms, and I had to plan my jumps 2-3 moves ahead. And also the Treetops, good Lord.


I’m glad to see everyone have praise for this game! I knew I wasn’t the only one. Trust me @BarryBillericay, I think everyone struggled on the Treetops…


Downloaded this game last night and started playing today. Very entertaining and amusing. Lots of 80s Nintendo throwbacks.

The gameplay itself is great. After you damage a baddie you can grab him and perform throws or various wrestling moves by pressing the analog stick a certain direction. If you throw him into the other bad guys this can stack your hit meter quickly.

I think I’ll enjoy this game.