Guess what I just got :)



I have know from my studies of historical data ranging from the times before the dinosaurs, that there are from time to time imbalances in nature and a lack of fairness in the universe. I have never known that to be more true then at this precise moment.


I should have bought one.


YOU MOTHER FUCKER . You even beat me to a selfie.:sob:


“The regret is strong with this one…Yes” Cough GTAV


Haha, I like your use of the spoiler tag there.


… I got skills I didn’t even know about.


Looks like @tommy2118 did that I guess.


Sorry Brother! It was just :boom: right out there. In all caps no less. :smile:


Lessons learned from this run:

  • The shirts run large.
  • Gradients don’t translate well.
  • Keep to very simple shapes and/or large text.
  • Could probably bump down to a cheaper shirt and still be ok, these are pretty beefy.


I just tripped and hit the button. :blush:


@PreshusKitty and I just threw ours in the wash for our recruitment efforts tomorrow :wink:


Should I wear the Asuka hair clips or the cat ears?


Whichever one @Auth isn’t going to wear.


Have you seen his pseudo-fro? I am not so sure we should interfere with nature at this point…


I try to forget.


It is beautiful. You shut your mouth. xD