Guesting with TRG



I talked to the recruitment officer for TRG and you guys are welcome to join the TS server and play with TRG platoons. No need to sign up for their forums or join their outfit. Talk with me about how to set this up.

Some things to note about playing with TRG:

  • Try to stick with the platoon. They may say to redeploy to another part of the map quickly (because we may be getting attacked by both factions at the same time, yet at different bases). When we kick them out of the first base and resecure it, press U to redeploy and get to the 2nd base to defend it as well.
  • A MAX crash may be called. This is where most of the platoon gets into the heavily armored MAX suits and rushes the capture point at the same time to break through defenses and overwhelm it. It basically means get in a MAX suit if you can afford one with your infantry resources and cooldown timer.


Nice, thanks for setting this up. I think if we can set up our own Outfit and guest with you guys for numbers and activity, that would be awesome.


We can setup a support squad for them until we can field a full platoon!!! i am very excited about this stuff