Guide for successful grouping



I thought I would put together a little mini-guide for basically all dungeons and silver runs. It will be pretty basic stuff, with hopefully some new things you might learn or realize.

Basic rules:

  1. If red is underneath you, GTFO as fast as possible. I know this sounds a little basic, but any damage you are taking is more stress for your healer. Even if you think you can get that last cast off before the telegraph “goes off”, move. In many instances it is just a quick dodge roll and Boom Shabam you are back in there rolling face.
  2. Utilize Moments of Opportunity. As much as you don’t want to bring that t4 interrupt, shave some precious time off of that 30 minute run by bringing it. Set up an interrupt rotation with your group. This is mainly for trash pulls.
    Interrupt Number 1: Brings 3 interrupts (Warrior dps/Slinger) or 2 interrupts from one class and one from your healer
    Interrupt Number 2: Tank (1 iA) + DPS2(2 iA)
    Interrupt Number 3: Tank (2 iA) + DPS3(1 iA)

You will want to see who is running how many Intterupts before you start the run, but having a rotation and trusting people to get their interrupts off will really help you breeze through trash and on some case bosses.

Another bit of general advice. If you take damage and there is no debuff or subsequent telegraph following the ability aimed at you… Run to your healer. The guy/lady is working hard to keep your tank alive so don’t make their life a living hell by running away and making them chase you for heals (unless you are gonna get whalloped by more red obviously). Also it does not hurt to stand in line with your tank and healer so you get to soak up some of those big ticket heals.

Bring consumables. Always, always have at least 25 medishots on you along with primary stat food. They are cheap and will save your life and maximize your damage. I can not tell you how many times a medishot has saved my life when I have been on the other side of a gaping abyss of red thinking one more hit could take Klutchh six feet under.

Last thing. Keep active communication through every fight. “My interrupts are out” “I can get next interrupt with one help” “Interrupt, Interrupt, Interrupt! (big ticket casts)” “Group up for heals” etc. etc.

Hope some of this may help some of you who are about to get your feet wet in silvers. Enjoy the dred of putting your face in the dirt multiple times, cause once you get your first silver you will realize “Hey that wasn’t so bad”.

Do yo thing cupcakes.


Good information to know. Plan to get my feet wet with dungeon runs starting next week and will continue to lead runs thru there at least 2 a week as i continue to try and get geared for raids.


I have more medishots than whatever God the Dommies worship. and they are “cheap” to make and I am sitting on a ton of mats as technologists have no research tree yet :frowning: I’ll start passing these out before runs. I can also make a lot of short term things that boost stats as well, again, tons of mats, although these are more expensive, albeit not much.

Awesome stuff Klutch.


nice post!


Great stuff! Keep putting this kind of info out there. Thanks for contributing!


I think this needs to be a rulebook that everyone reads and signs before they start running dungeons

Good work :slight_smile:


Very nice hope you keep updating and if anyone else can add to it let klutchh know.


This was /r/ffxivthrowaway03 's addition when I referenced your guide on reddit:

The point about medishots is really important. I see so many people sit at a sliver of health when they could hit one button and heal 1/3rd of their total health. Then they eat an AOE and die, and we wipe.

Protip: the 50s or whatever the medishot cost you is cheaper than the 1g repair bill you racked up when you died and caused the group to wipe.

Though I’d also like to point out that healers really need to actively be switching between the tank and the group as the fight permits. Know when the big damage phases are and know when the tank is OK. Just spamming overheals on the tank and expecting the dps to come to you is not always a winning strategy.


A post from /r/craigerade from the same reddit post:

I would also recommend everyone get the PvP Protection gadget. That gadget heals you and your party for 5.3k. Since most of these fights are mechanic centered and not a dps race slot this gadget. Once you have the fight down where your not taking damage switch it out for a dps gadget on your silver runs.


can you link me to the post?


I’m not sure what you are asking? I just posted a link to your post on reddit.