Guide: YouTube Information -- The Basics

Current as of 2/21/15


Strats has started a swing towards moving the community to generate media content, because of that a place for people to learn the basics was needed.

My goal with this is to push a series of posts that would provide a basis for most people to reasonably get started with a streaming or recording project and enable them to ask more focused questions relating to their goals.

YouTube Preparation:

Most likely everyone reading this has a youtube account of sorts or at least something that ties them to google in one manner or another. If you are one of the few without such connections, grab a crucifix and some holy water because things are going to get messy!

Strats has a presence within youtube! To get you started in uploading your gameplay, live blogs or whatever you want to share with us and the world you will need an account as stated. You likely DON’T want to use whatever your main account is because of privacy concerns.

Luckily with googles last push to get their employees to use google+ they added a couple things, most notably “Pages”. Pages allows you to create an online presence that isn’t directly attached to you!

To create a “Page”:

Log into google+ (you can use the holy water now)
On the top left there should be a drop down
Mouse over the drop down and click “Pages”
Click “Get Your Page”
Click “Brand”

  • Page Name: Your Online Persona(In my case “GuardianX”)
  • Website: Your Website OR
  • Type of Page: Entertainment
  • Read or accept the terms

So why did I have you do that?

With this, you can now go to youtube (possibly may take a log-out then back in) and upload videos under your new persona! This will also help you out in the long run because videos watched under your normal name won’t appear under your new persona.

Computer Requirements:

The only requirements that are needed relate to the recording software you want to use and the game you want to run, as per streaming. Again, time to upgrade!

Recording Software:

This is where the options are breaking from streaming, with streaming you really have 2 consumer friendly options and with recording you have MANY options, most I will likely not cover.

Open Broadcast Software (OBS)

OBS has the option to record locally. The software isn’t the easiest to set-up for this function but the ability to stream AND record is available if you want to skip out on any middle men. The issue then becomes that the recording is typically the same quality as the stream. This may not be the greatest for you if you don’t have a high quality stream but want to record at 1080p.

Video Card Specific

nVidia has “ShadowPlay” within their “GeForce Experience” and AMD has “AMD Gaming Evolved” ( ). I don’t know if you can interchange these softwares, meaning that I BELIEVE that you need to have their respective brands card or APU in order to use the recording software. At any rate, these software solutions are free and typically work seamlessly alongside your game. Meaning there is very little in the way of hardware requirements, if your computer runs the game, it can record it too.


Freemium software, the basic software does rough recording but to do anything high quality they require you to purchase the software. It has been MANY years since I last used fraps but I felt I should add it here so people have a more complete picture of the availability of recording solutions.

Social Tools

With the advent of facebook, twitter and the like there has been a push to have desktop social tools like raptr and Overwolf. Both of these tools allow you to stream AND capture. I am not completely up to date on rapr but Overwolf allows you to a have a streaming chat client that you can hide from your game capture, which is great for streaming and reading on a single monitor.