Guild Crest Design Competition

#Good Evening Strats
##To those of you interested
It is time for us to come up with a guild crest. So we are reaching out to the community.
We are asking for ‘Guild Crest’ submissions that we can place on our ships, houses, and gear.

##What You Win

  • 2 APEX used for one month patron status in Archeage
  • $25 Steam Gift Card
  • Cottage
  • Villa

##Who Can Submit

  • Anyone! If you’ve been holding out, this could be your chance to get into the game.

##What You Need To Do

  • Submit a .PNG image to this thread
  • The .PNG has to be 256x256px exactly
  • The crest needs to represent Strats
  • Think pirate thoughts

##Who Wins?

  • On September 30th, one week from tomorrow, the officers of the Archeage branch will go through the submissions and vote on the best one. Submissions will be considered until 12:00 a.m. CDT 9/30/14
  • One lucky artist gets the bounty


Maybe put that big S on the sail.

With the words “dead men tell no tales” around it.

'Bout as pirate-y as you can get. Unless you put a skull & crossbones on there.

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Well, I’m no artist so mine is kind of crappy. Maybe some talented folks out there like the concept and will make a little nicer.


I also have an unshaded version if needed


@jadis you are the best :smiley:

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Very cool Jadis!

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I’m giving it another go, maybe something a bit more minimalist.


See, you got it in ya!!

Hope this looks OK :slight_smile:


That one is nasty. I love it!

I was thinking something simple, yet clear. I was thinking of making the S a snake, but I feel like making it the Strats font would be more personal (though I’m not sure which font that is, so this is a placeholder)

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I like the snake idea!

Has anything on the contest changed? I heard discussion that the deadline was getting pushed back due to the Reddit post.

Discussing it. Going to talk to wheatums he has final say.

Submission from @BlackNightshade


amazing! she is talented!

There’s not enough peanut butter to go with all my jelly :wink:

Seriously though, glad I’m not the one picking the winner; these submissions are all freaking awesome!


Thanks! There was a bit of plagiarism and adaptation on that one, but it came out great. It’s fine for a ship flag, but I wouldn’t put it on the web site. :wink:

My other daughter is finishing up one in paint that she did free-hand. I should have it up in a bit.