Guild crest design, yarrr!



@jadis mentioned she does the arts, anyone else want to give it a shot?

  • Must be a 24-bit PNG with an alpha layer (transparency)
  • Must be 256x256px

Here’s my quick rendition.


Took a shot at it myself…What do you think?


now that is epic greatness right there!!!


@vocino you change and use that as your avatar or we all quit strats


I agree with the domo


Pirate Logo

non-Pirate Logo


I like the incorporation of a ship in your first example.

Also you are missing an “S” in Strats


The ship idea is good but I think we need a balance between the icon and the letters. We are not MacDonalds and people won’t recognize us by a symbol alone. So the s or strats co should be prominent until we have increased brand awareness.