Guild Farm Theft

To the person who sheared my yatas and bears, please return what you took. Guilds are based on trust, and we can’t operate effectively if we’re stealing from each other.

Please respect the property of other guild members who place items on the farms. If you need someone to move stuff off your farm that has open permissions please ask. If this theft continues, we’ll have to lock down all the farms to families only.





LoL can you actually tell who harvested the items?

I believe I found the mats in the guild chest, as there was bear and yata fur. So, I think someone just harvested it for me. I sent those mats to Blacknightshade who I was raising them for.

I believe we’re all good. :smile: My bad, I should have checked there first.



And to whoever stole my turkeys from public land please return them… Especially if you aren’t in our guild!

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I’m sorry, I stole your cotton, I harvested their eggs and then shaved them.