Guild Hall Expedition [GW2]



The time we’ve all been waiting for is only a little more than a week away! As the Heart of Thorns launch date creeps closer, it’s time that we begin to make plans for what will be taking place that day.

First off, @Diacuss and I need a head count of who will be there Friday, October 23, for launch. We will be meeting at our usual time, after Tequatl around 8:15-8:30 pm EST.We would love to have as many people there as possible. We need a minimum of 10 people, as this is a form of a raid.

This event will, more than likely, have a level 80 requirement. You will also need to have the Heart of Thorns Expansion. We will also be taking a vote as to what guild hall the guild would like to inhabit. We also need to raise 100 gold by the event. Donations can be made in game to myself(Tinkerer Kenz) or @Diacuss(Illianna Nailo). As of now, there are two choices:
Gilded Hollow

Lost Precipice

Please comment here if you will be able to join us, as well as your choice in guild halls! We would love to have our territory claimed on launch day!



Biggles 7268

Icey (w/ Rottendeeds)

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Of the two, I vote Gilded Hollow. I will be working that evening :’(


I will be there. I like the gilded hollow myself as well.


I think Gilded Hollow looks a bit too elf world. Although I guess I could get into it being sort of lost boys Neverland kind of thing.

I don’t have an 80 character anyway.


Sadly I will completely miss launch. I’ll be in Kansas City for work. Lost Precipice reminds me way to much of Guild Wars Nightfall. Hopefully the launch will go off without a hitch and you guys can help me get caught up to the awesomeness. GL in the raid if you run it.


I like the gilded hollow as well…but alas I don’t have an 80 either. :frowning:


I should be able to make it, and I vote for Lost Precipice!


Hollow for me as well!


I like the Lost Precipice, probably since feeling kinda like @Vocino on the Hollow.

And I hope to be there, but as you may have noticed, I haven’t been on here or gaming hardly since school started up so we’ll see.


I’ll be there and Gilded Hollow. <3



As much as I would love to go on an expedition I will be in Kansas City with Rotten for work. I hope you all have a great launch day.


I will try, but can’t make any promises.


Gilded Hollow for sure!


Vote 1 Gilded Hollow


Gilded Hollow! I will most likely be avaiable for the raid!


Mhh I am for Gilded Hollow too, I doubt I will be still awake when you guys even start but I will see what I can do ^^


Just giving this thread a bump. We need everyone present for this so if you haven’t responded yet, please let us know if you can make it or not.


FYI if you still want to donate you can send gold to myself, @W1thl0v3, @Diacuss, or simply visit the guild bank to deposit funds.


Sooo how are things going ? Do we have enough people and money ?
Ohh and not to forget mats to build the tavern :wink:


Update! I have in my possession a special prize I’ll be raffling to attendees of the guild hall expedition raid!

1,200 Gems!!!

I will enter participants in a spreadsheet and then have a random number chosen once we clear the guild hall.

See everyone on Friday!