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Due to the new category “Guilds and Clans” making things easier to find on the forums, and @Auth’s new “Franchisee” initiative, I thought I’d post about the best way to keep things organized and clean in that category so that those topics (if not pinned) are easiest to find.

For every clan/guild/tribe/posse/et al., there should be an official thread of guild information: where to find the clan, what server, active times (if applicable), location on the map, base coordinates, etc. Anything that is pertintent to the guild should be listed in this post, and should be mandatory upon approval of a franchisee. Any other posts beyond this one are considered optional and at the discretion of the leaders/officers of that franchisee.

When titling those threads, the start of the thread should be the Tag/Ticker/etc. followed by what the organization is called in game (clan/guild/tribe). Those should be encased in brackets.

ex. [STCO Guild]

Next, an apparent description of what the thread encompasses. Is it the official thread with guild news and info? Is it information on crafting, lore, and role-playing? Make sure that information is accurate and up to date. This should likely be handled by either the leader or one of the guild officers.

ex. Official Guild Info and Guide

I’m hoping that with this strategy, the threads will be uniform, easy to find, and not convoluted in a way that people are having a free-for-all in the naming conventions.

I’ve went ahead and re-edited those titles that I’ve seen so far that fell out of the criteria, but please take a look and ensure yours is also edited properly, if you own the franchisee.

This is obviously a first take, and is welcome to be edited should someone have a better naming convention or set of rules to follow.



Absolutely agree. I would love to see the Guilds & Clans category function as a list of organizations by and for Strats members. What’s nice about it being its own category is that if every guild has 1 thread, the more active guilds will be easy to find since they’ll naturally rise to the top.

I started outlining some objectives here: About the Guilds & Clans category

I think we should flesh this out and probably replace my copy with yours @PeterThomas6.


There are some good point in here (I’ve already put some thought into this myself) but I won’t be at a computer until later this evening following class, a meeting, amd work; I’ll get some stuff clarified/established tonight


This will be a requirement prior to becoming a Strats Franchise, not as a result of being selected; I am willing to help and guide as needed (send me a PM) but I will not bestow said title until everything is in order. This is laid out here.

The category information thread has already undergone some updating reference guidelines for posts in that category and I’m going to revisit it shortly as well.


I had my Division topic renamed 4 times by 2 different people…and the 2nd one was done by @Vocino so i dont see why it was changed after that…very confusing…is @PeterThomas6 a new forum moderator or something?

what criteria and when was it adopted?


Probably to do with this

Everyone who’s considered a Regular on the forums has title edit permissions; this is nothing new.


Just finished reworking the guidance post for the Guilds & Clans category. I’ve modified the proposed naming convention because, frankly, it should be apparent that the post is about a Strats guild or clan (thus, this information doesn’t need to be included in the title). The format is as such:

[Game Title] The Awesome guild [Platforms] (PVP/PVE/PVX)*

*as applicable

Even though the tags are showing up on the threads, it’s important for ease of new users to make sure they know what game the thread is for and what platform it’s being played on. This will also help differentiate if there are multiple guilds for a game on separate platforms. The game name leads out because that’s what people will be shopping for; (PVP/PVE/PVX) should be included as needed (example, Battlefield 4 doesn’t exactly require the parenthetical for obvious reasons) and should not stretch beyond one of those 3 fields. I get that games like Guild Wars 2 have many more things like sPVP, WvW, etc. that could be added, but that information can be specified within the actual thread. This will help keep the titles uniform and easy to navigate.

Also, there will only be one thread (a guild’s primary information thread) in the category. There are a number of good examples out there as to what information needs to be present and details available in the aforementioned information thread to help you write one. It’s okay to take guild join requests on the primary thread if you so choose, but please keep all game- and guild-related discussion in other threads so it’s easier for people to find; this category should be where folks are going to see what games we’re actively playing.


I change titles and move things around. All the time. Regulars can and are encouraged to do so as well. The assumption being that if you’ve been that active on the forum you likely have an understanding of how things should be.


I also almost always post about any changes that I make (which I had done in this process), and apologise for stepping on toes if I have done so, and ask that everyone look at their own posts to be sure I’ve not misinterpreted.

My changes aren’t meant to offend; they’re mostly just there to try and standardize so we don’t have dozens of folks PMing Vocino or others about where they can find something. We have a search for a reason yet no one seems to use it before asking a question.


i worded that wrong and it sounds bad and i apologize…you did not step on any toes here i just made a mistake in what i said and i am sorry.


Friendly reminder to everyone who reads this: @Vocino has a ton on his plate and responsibilities to Strats that extend beyond the scope of the forums; why not message the community manager instead :wink:


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