Guild Managment


About a year ago I started a project called Vestige where the goal was to build a guild management suite for the StratsCo community. The project lost its momentum because I got in over my head with the amount of time that I had to work on it and my technical abilities at the time.

I have convinced my professor to allow me to reboot the project for my final assignment. My plan is to build an application that we can use to manage guilds, over the next 8 weeks.

Being that I only have 8 weeks to work on this ( have in turned in and complete) I plan on building a MVP (minimum viable product). Meaning that even though there will be a lot of potential for a lot of different features, I need to keep the scope small and focused for this first iteration.

I plan to share the progress of the project with all of you along the way as well as ask for your feedback.

With that being said, what do you feel are the minimum requirements for a guild management application? What features do you think should make it into the MVP? I look forward to your feedback.

Edit: I will be taking the feedback and creating a SRS (Software Requirements Specification) that I will share once it is complete.


Contact and Maintenance:

Group messaging within a defined user-set

  • @albion “Our base is being raided, what can we do to build a better one next time?”


Ability to maintain singular users within multiple groups

  • Something like:
  • User A and B group 1
  • User B group 2
  • User A group 3

Ability to self add and self remove from the group

Ability to lock the group from self add

Ability to promote roles within the group without altering external permissions

  • Officer in guild, not on the forums

Auto-generate a new sub-forum for the group

Planning and Recruitment:

A public calendar that allows users above a certain permission level within the group to post events.


Discord hooks that create sub groups and allow @ mentions

  • E.x. @albion “Raid happening on our fort right now! Get online if you can!!”
  • Would mention all people within the albion group


So if I understand you correctly:

  • Creating a guild also creates a group on the forums that you can use to mention everyone in the guild. As well as a group on Discord. Like @albion

  • Roles for Guild Master, Guild Officer and Guild Member

  • Ability to join multiple guilds

  • Ability to request to join and leave a guild

Sound about right?


Will this tool be tied to a person’s Strats account/Discord or a stand-alone entity?

I think there should be some way to list all users who are a part of each guild. @albion/list (or whatever command string is appropriate for your tool) would give you a list of user A, B, F, Q, V each of whom is in the Albion guild.


This will be tied to your Strats forum account.

I agree that a guild listing should be a feature of the MVP.


What Information would you want to be able to see on a guild member? In game name, play style (tank, healer, etc.) What else?


Maybe it’s just because I wasn’t aware of what you had worked on before, and what you mean exactly by Guild Management. Is this something that is generic for many games, is it integrating into ESO, Guild Wars via their API’s or completely standalone.

That aside, ranks and roles are obviously a necessity. It might also be nice to allow the guild leader / manager to dictate what features certain roles can have. They might allow their right hand to do next to everything, where as others would allow their ‘right hand’ to offer basic management, but still restrict many features from them.

Edit: I started typing this up prior to any responses and got sidetracked. I see that Guardian had some good points there.

As for what information to see, you nailed it with in game name, and tank/healer. I think their class, timezone/typical play times is good.

I see that Guardian mentioned a public Guild calendar, but I could even see a personal calendar would be great. Maybe you could integrate Google Calendar. Instead of reinventing the “wheel”, allow people to integrate their own personal google calendars. That way you can schedule your “Play Time”, and display that. I know for people like me, my available time varies week to week due to both my own work schedule and my wifes schedule.


I don’t plan to look at any game specific API for the MVP, but I would consider it for future feature request if we have a game with a robust API and there is interest.

As far as a general overview, that application will be used to manage guild functions much in the way we have done it manually in the past using the forums. It should provide a listing of members that are in the guild and give the GM and officers some control over the members. I would like to see a concept of a raid team as well, but I’m not sure that will make it in the MVP.

I will look into the calendar functions as well, but that might take time then I can invest at the moment.


Ah, that makes sense. I think Guardian makes some good points. I’ve never really been in a true ‘guild’ before as I never played WoW, Guild Wars, or anything of the sort, so not entirely sure of what all the functions are for a guild manager.

I understand for a first crack at it, integrating various API’s are not going to be the forefront, although if scheduling is going to be an important aspect of your feature list, it may be worthwhile to see how you could incorporate Google’s calendar system as it’s fairly robust and could be a good stepping stone to various features down the line.

Aside from that I think it’ll be a fairly straight forward setup. Roster list, member ranks, member pages where they can list their region/build/race or w/e else is important. I know you’re looking to get the bare bones out there, but it can be hard to say where you may want to stop before you get to deep.


I do want to keep a thin MVP so I can get it done with in the timeline. Keep in mind that once the school portion of the project is complete I plan to keep iterating on the project and adding features.


Below is a list of a few things i think should be added to this:

  • Ability for used to add their account names for each guild/game for ease of adding to guild or friends list
  • A calendar for guild events.
  • Permission system for the guild leaders to manage the guild within this system.
  • Mass message system and the ability to form groups with separate messaging permissions.
  • A newsletter system that whenever a post on the forums dealing with the guild the members will receive a notification to go check out the post.
  • An option system that allows for the member to set their preferences with this system. i.e. turn off the newsletter option.
  • An application section for those that are apart of Strats but have not been added to the guild yet.
  • Links to recruitment sites to up vote or respond to. i.e. reddit
  • Message of the day to broadcast the most recent info. Possibly combined with above.

Some of these were mentioned above but i figured i write them again to show i find them important. Also not sure how hard some of these would be to implement but i’d figure i’d throw it out there and let you deal with the problems. :grin:


Thanks! There is a lot of good input there. I like the recruitment part. I envision the application having different aspects of guild management that it focuses in on like membership, recruitment, and communications.


As @GuardianX states

  • Easy ability to communicate with guild members
  • Event schedule planner
  • Guild status tracker (ie: rank, loot points for games that still require such things)


Give me a little more information about guild status tracker


So as a new member being able to easily see who are officers, regulars, newbs, alts etc. if a guild using any sort of loot currency being able to track that on your own would be nice. Not sure if your familiar with dkp, but something of that effect.


Gotcha. Thanks. I’m not sure a DKP system will make it into the MVP, but I am interested in it if there is still a need for one.


In my opinion, most modern games have designed out the need for DKP systems.


There have been a lot of good suggestions for different communication methods for the guilds. My plan is to push all communications back down to the forum or Discord. I do not want to create another application that you have to log into to check for messages.

So ideas like the newsletter and such will likely link back to a forum post.


This is awesome and super ambitious, but a word of caution there Top :wink:, you might want to consider a new project. This is something you are very passionate about and as such could through you off as a graded school project. I’m a perfectionist and if you’re anything like me, getting things turned in that you might not consider “up to par” just yet might be a problem. If I were you I would create something super easy that hits all the fundamentals that y’all discussed through out your course. That way you kick your final down the hall, ace it, because the fundamentals are your shit, and you have way more time to truly work on Vestige without worrying about a silly grade too.

All love brother,

Wheat :kissing_heart:


So what do you see this project to be. Like an application like discord you keep open and running at all times or something like a webpage you log into?