Guild Tabard Now Available



I invested in a guild tabard, here’s how you get it:

Visit a banker and select “Guild Store”

Make sure you select “Strats” as your guild

The tabard will be available in the store for 2k gold.

If you need help with gold let me know.

Our tabard consists of the Daedric letter “S” on our green & black colors.


Your level 10 looks a lot stronger compared to my level 10.

What are the benefits to a guild tabard/ being in a guild besides a unique tabard and a guild chat. Example: Warcraft rewarded guilds with perks and such.


Gonna pick this up tonight. Green and Black are guild colors? Time to visit the dye station…


The main thing is that we have access to a guild bank that stores a ton of shared crafting materials (I’m working on a writeup about what to store). It’s actually really helpful. There’s no auction house system. Instead, there’s an inner-guild store available from bankers where you can sell.

In PVP, you can claim castles for the guild and we make gold by selling from the merchant to people outside the guild.


I’ve heard a guild can pull in a pretty sum with the merchant from PvPers who want to buy stuff. Most people complain that the stores typically have too little inventory, so selling anything you want to dump there isn’t a bad idea. Even low level items can find buyers, who are looking to use it for trait research.


His level 10 is actually Veteran Rank 10 so he’s 50 levels higher than you.


Picked mine up last night. Then I ran to a dye station to change my armor to black and green. Of course, my sorc is wearing primal light armor, so not a lot to dye. Just the skirt and hat.