Guild Wars 2: Activating your Elite Spec



So there are quite a few people in the guild who are returning after a long hiatus or are completely new to the game. And with the big changes to the way builds work, a lot of people aren’t sure why they cant equip their new weapon or use the new Utility Skills once they unlock them with Hero Points.

The simple answer is that you have to equip your Elite Spec as one of your 3 specializations in the “Build” Section of the Hero Panel.

Since several people aren’t familiar with the new system, I just wanted to throw together a quick guide with some visuals so that you can understand what that means, and take advantage of your newly available weapons and abilities.

First you should open your Hero Panel by pressing “H”

Then you’ll go to the “Training” Tab on the left

Be aware that you must fully complete all standard training paths before the Elite Specializations become available.
Once you’ve unlocked your Elite Spec, click on it to begin spending Hero Points to train in the new abilities and weapons.

The very first point in the Elite Spec will allow you to wield a new weapon, while the second point allows you to use the new Utility Skills available to your Elite Spec. Now this is a bit confusing because you still cannot actually use these skills until you have unlocked them with Hero Points, which are further down the Spec.

Now we’ll go to the “Builds” tab on the left.

For those who aren’t familiar with the new builds and specializations system you’ll see that each Build is made up of 3 Specialization and that each Specialization can be tailored to your preferences by selecting a sort of path between the traits as illustrated here, highlighted in red.

Now the part that I think several of the returning/new players don’t understand is that you do not gain the ability to wield your new weapons and abilities by simply unlocking them in the training section. You must go to the bottom spec of your builds section, click that Specialization which should open a small menu that allows you to then select your elite spec in place of whatever spec you had before.

In the above picture your can see that “Herald” is now my Third Specialization.
So now I can equip my shield.

And while I gain access to the shield weapon abilities immediately, I cannot use the Herald Utility Skills because I haven’t unlocked them yet using Hero Points.

So I hope this post clears up questions people might have who aren’t familiar with the new build system.
Look forward to seeing you guys in the Maguuma Jungle!


Great Post!!! This is good information to have. I take for granted that sometimes people haven’t been playing as long as me. =(