Guild Wars 2 Ascalonian Catacombs Solo run



Just a few things to clear up before we begin. The video quality isn’t great. That’s down to me still learning the ins and outs of the program I’m using to record. I wouldn’t recommend watching it in full screen just yet. This is also my first video, and I know that at least once I’ve managed to open up the main menu in the middle of the game. I’ll learn not to do that with practice:stuck_out_tongue:.

Having said that, I enjoyed making it. I’m not normally someone who engages in challenging content (mainly because of the snobby attitude that I have encountered), but I surprised myself when I did it and surprised myself, even more, when I found out it wasn’t just a fluke that I had managed to do a 5 person dungeon on my own.

Anyway, enough of me chatting. Here’s the video. I’d be happy to take advice and comments from anyone who’s interested in providing them.

EDIT - I forgot to add that I put times in the description for the more interesting battles. Here they are:

7:42 - Gate Guardian Napa (Champion)
13:09 - Ascalonian Captain (Champion)
20:51 - Ascalonian Captain (Champion)
23:56 - Ascalonian Captain/Lieutenant (Champion)
31:15 - Master Ranger Nente (Champion)
41:34 - Kasha Blackblood (Champion)
45:59 - Vassar and Ralena (Champions)
50:00 - King Adelbern (Legend)