[Guild Wars 2] StratsCo [PC] (PvX)



So I played a bit of GW2 back in the day. I loved GW but never really got into 2, mostly because I didn’t have a group to play with.

I’m wondering if Heart of Thorns is worth coming back for, and how getting back into the game is? I believe my highest toon was like a 60 Guardian.


I definitely think it is. With new elite specialization, a new class, and hard PvE maps. Not to mention raids that will be coming soon. But if that doesn’t sell you i’d suggest just redownloading the game give it a shot and see if you like it. Let me know your account name and i’ll add you to the guild. We have weekly guild missions along with various other events like fractal dungeons that might be your thing. Also we can help you progress if you want it.


As a GW2 player our of retirement, I believe it is.

Getting back into the swing of it won’t be too bad if you focus on a single character; you could easily hit 80 over a moderately-productive weekend of playing. We’ve constantly got folks helping level one another as well as grouping in the lvl 80 zones, so it should be fairly painless and you ought to have some quality grouping opportunities :wink:


@W1thl0v3 please add the following for the Wednesday guild bounty:

Start time 7:30 eastern


@W1thl0v3, can you please changed the following:

Under Tuesday for guild activities can you add guild missions at 7:30pm and then also add Guild Fractals at 9:00 pm, both time are eastern.

For Wednsday add guild raids starting at 7:30pm and ending at 9:30 pm eastern.



Are there any guilds for EU players?


Afraid not. Only guild we have are NA servers and even that guild is inactive till more content comes out or and interests spikes for the game.