Guns of Icarus Devs vs.


Continuing the discussion from Guns of Icarus:

So last night, Draco posted a note about wanting to play Guns of Icarus.

We got a pretty good response and we jumped into the game. I decided to post a tweet about it and see if we couldn’t get some additional numbers:

Within a few minutes, the nice guys on the Guns of Icarus dev team said they wanted to join in:

Now it was on. Except, we had only been playing for about 15 minutes prior. Here are the results:

Round 1:

Round 2:

Afterwards, we did some coop with them and pretty much destroyed some other teams together. I’ll post those videos later today.

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Straturday - Guns of Icarus Online - 6 February 2016

this is so awesome! i wish i was able to stay up and be a part of it. i would’ve gladly bought some more keys as well. great job documenting it as well.


Had tons of fun! Lets make this a thing!


It was very cool to jump into a game, I had never played before, and have a blast with some people I already knew. This is why I wanted to be part of a gaming community.

It was unbelievable to hop into a game, I had never played, and have a blast with my Guildmates sparing with the game DevsThis is why I joined!