Guns of Icarus Tips & Tricks


Positional Terms

Shamelessly stolen from reddit:


  • Blending Balloon destruction tactics, generally used to describe carronades though it is sometimes used to describer the effects of lumberjacks. Examples, Blenderfish, “Those lumberjacks or blending me to hell.”

  • Meatgrinding When a teammate rushes in to save a dying teammate, only to be too late and die themselves due to the 2v1. Seems too specific, but it happens a lot and is often the reason for lop sided games as one team is just constantly killing 2v1ing one ship. Examples, “Stop meatgrinding, we need to go in together.”

  • Pre-Buff The act of starting to buff a component but leaving it one hit away from completion. This is done for functionally any component but especially so for weapons. The buff on a weapon, while a huge damage modifer is extremely short lived. The best way to use effeiciently is wait till combat begins before completing the buff. Prebuffing other components can also save time later. Examples “Pre-buff your gun,” “Buff and pre-buff the balloon”


  • Primary Engineer This means bring a rubber mallet, a shifting spanner, and one of the two fire tools. This is the most basic and best repairing engineering build there is. 96% of ships will have at least one primary engineer for their hull repairs. Examples, “Please bring primary engineer kit”

  • Gungineer While this could mean any number of loadouts, this is used to describe an engineer who will be spending a lot of time on weapons. Examples, “You will be a gungineer on my pyra”

  • Run around buff Could be any loadout with a buff kit, this person mainly buffs a multitude of components, neither focusing on major repairs or guns. Often used on high manueovrability ships like Goldfishes and Squids. Examples “My goldfish needs a run around buff for my balloon and engines.”

Ship locations

  • Pyramidion, top deck/bottom deck. The top deck generally refers to which engineer is on the balloon and left gun and the bottom deck is the hull and engines.

  • Junker, top deck/front deck/bottom deck. While at a quick glance the junker seems like it just has two decks, due to the existence of the “sweet spot” a location on the Junker where a person can repair it from below and in front of it, you often see these three positions being used. Top deck is the turns, balloon and upper two weapons. Front deck is the front gun and armor. Bottom deck is the lower two weapons and main engine.

Best as I know, most other ships don’t have a lot of useful ship jargon outside of obvious descriptions.