Guns of Icarus



I’ve kind of wanted to play a little Guns of Icarus lately but I don’t have a group, if people want to try it out with me, I’ll buy keys for you on steam. Note: This only applies to the first 6 people.

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First of all…
#holy shit it’s Draco!

Second, yes that sounds awesome but don’t buy me a key, save it for the others. I’ll buy one when I get home.


Yeah, I’m free all tonight and tomorrow if people want to play. Also I went into hiding after an assassination attempt on the Emperor, you know how it is sometimes :smiley:


I figured you were hanging out with that girl who friend zoned you from the hospital. :beers:


You mean my new girlfriend? :wink: :beers:



GIVE ME KEY NOW! i ve been dieing to play but didnt have anyone:D


I have 3 keys to give out for this game. Reply here.


I’m in.


I’m down if you have extras and want some company


Sent keys to @doogles and @Auth. I have 1 left.


PS: A lot of us are streaming this:


For those that werent there, we got to play a few matches first against the devs then with the devs which was pretty awesome.


Add me!


Added, I’m out of keys now.


I would like a key if you have any left.


Gotta post your steam link so it can be gifted to you.



I’ll take a key if there are any left.


Biff, sent. chrisbub, says you already have it.

i have 2 more, anyone else?