GW2 Account Scam PSA



I just received an in game mail from what looks like a GM that informs me that my account will be shut down or limited due to abnormal login. This mail is a farce and should not be responded to or go to any site in mails like this. You should report mails like this to Anet as scamming. There is a icon near the bottom of your mail that has an ‘!’ in it. You can use this to report suspisious mails to Anet.

As a note, Anet will not ask you for any of your account information in game and all attempts to get this information should be reported to Anet. Any mail that is sent by a player will have a message at the bottom of it that say, “Note: This message was sent by another player. It was not sent by the Guild Wars 2 Team.” Just wanted to inform the community in case you get messages like this and how to respond to them.


I’m jealous. I never get mail.