GW2 Beta Weekend Raid



So this weekend the Beta will be in full swing and ArenaNet will be releasing the firs part of the first wing of the Raid they are releasing for the expansion. I was wondering if anyone is interested in trying to set up a day this weekend to sit down and try it out. If so please reply back to this with what day and time works best for you. I will be available all weekend but i think the best time would be at reset at 8pm eastern any of those three days. Let me know what you guys think.

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All the days!


I will be leaving on Saturday for Minneapolis for work. This is the largest convention of the year for us so I expect to be almost completely AFK this weekend.


On Saturday at 8pm eastern time i will be going into the raid and seeing what it’s like… even if i have to take it on all by myself… So please come and save me from my stupidity… :slight_smile:


Appears that the bugs with the squad UI is not going to be fixed this weekend and Anet as said that raids are gonna be shut down for this weekend. For those of you that wanted to test them out, sorry.


This is only a problem if it delays release.


There’s no way they’ll delay release; worst-case scenario is they release raids a week or two afterwards if there’s still a problem.


The first raid is coming 2 weeks after the release anyways, so it should be fine.