GW2 Event Guides



So posted previously, the Living World Season 3 has been release with entirely new content and a new zone to play in. But for those of us that were not active between the expansion release to the LW Season 3 release, there has also been other content added to the game through smaller patches. Here is a list of guides to all of the content that can be found that was released between the two previously mentioned content drops.

First and foremost, the achievement hunter in me must give you the link to where all the achievements for this content can be found.

Current Events Achievements

Here is the list of all the new content available.

Spirit of the Tiger Explorer
Unidentified Lodestone Event
Bandit Bounties Event
Bandit Bounties Event Part 2
Ley Line Anomaly Events
Ley Line Research Events

Happy Hunting y’all!