GW2 Guild Future



With the release of the Guild Wars 2 Expansion coming tomorrow, I wanted to ask the question to the community what you are hoping for and wanting from experience in the GW2 Strats guild.

As of right now we have been doing weekly guild missions on Wednesday and Fractals on Tuesday night. We have been actively recruiting in game and thru reddit. Other than the upcoming Guild Hall Expedition we have coming up tomorrow there has been a lull of guild activities. We’ve tried in the past WvW night and PvP nights but those did not seem to draw much interest.

So with that, I was hoping to pick the communities brains about get a feel for what they would like to see or expect from the GW2 Guild and the leaders. I await your feedback.


I would like to propose a few things that could potentially help out the guild.

Leadership Restructuring in Game

I would like to present the idea of a putting in place a triumvirate. Basically with this, we would have 3 equally powerful guild leaders. This will ensure things keep running like a well-oiled machine when one or more of the leaders are gone (we can still function properly with only 1/3 leaders there). There may also be the need to get someone to be our treasurer for some of the things I mention below.

Weekly or Monthly (or even both) Raffle

We select a prize, set a solid price per ticket and hopefully bring in some cash to the guild. The funds we raise will go towards buying things for the guild only, and not in anyone’s pocket. I would be willing to put up the first prize of Rockweed Spire; it’s worth a bit over 2g. We could start each ticket off at around 40s. Or whatever number you all think is fair. With the numbers I suggested we would need to sell 5 tickets to break even. So with a system like this we could easily start making some gold for the guild bank. We could also put it out there that if anyone else wants to donate a prize they can, this could either be used to sweeten the pot, or be saved for the next raffle.

Public Rep. Events

Something we came with in the old guild was created public rep. events, or as we often called them guild parties. Basically what we did is drop guild flags, a guild banquette, drop boxes of fun and other interactive things such as those, launch fireworks, and announce it chat. We’d also try to get as many guild mates as possible to come out. Basically we tried to get noticed by being interactive with people around us while giving them some buffs. Often times we’d also mention that after the event, we were going to do a guild event such a guild jump puzzle. This gives us good PR, people see us having fun, and inviting others in on the fun.

Guild Tournaments

This one will only be possible once we have everything setup in the guild hall, though it might be a way to have some fun, raise money for the guild, and much more. We could set up a bracket, include a betting system, entry fees, and have a prize pool for the top three. If we do this right, it will also be a good way to make the guild some money to spend on things we need for the guild, while still rewarding those competed. Of course we can remove the betting part if no one likes that, maybe charge an entry fee and give out a few prizes instead. Or just have brackets for fun of it.

Recruitment Competition

We can challenge our guild members to recruit as many people as possible to the guild, the top recruiter every month gets some sort of prize, even if that prize is having their name up somewhere fancy.


I don’t see why we only do fractals on Tuesday. We could have a weekend night also dedicated to running dungeons or fractals, when more people might be available. Edit: In the future I’d like to see more people (or the leaders) starting dungeons, raids, e.t.c.

On another note, I just love how anti-pvp this guild is.


Thanks for your input. We’ve mainly only done fractals on Tuesday cause up until this point our guild has been focused on helping our newer recruits to get to 80 and start doing fractals. Also, we’ve had a hard time filling our Tuesday fractal runs with a full party. So with our newer members now at 80 and wanting to do fractals i’d love to get multiple nights of fractals going.

Also there has been interest in guild missions on the weekend. With the changes to guild missions we can now run guild missions multiple times a week a lot easier than we use to. I would love to have multiple guild mission and fractal runs throughout the entire week.

With that said, i may not be able to make all of the weekend events cause that is the time when i’m not typically home. So, if anyone is interested in organizing weekend events please let me know and we’ll try helping them set up the events.


Also, i wasn’t sure if you were being sarcastic or not. Do you wish to see more PvP or are you happy that we do not focus on PvP.


Thank you for your feedback. That is a lot of good ideas.

I like this idea quite a bit. And after we have captured our guild hall and looking at some of the stuff needed to upgrade this would be prime opportunities to do such events. I know that we are going to need alot of coarse sand to get the glass we need to upgrade our tavern and doing a guild dry top run would be a great way to get that.

The flags and banners in the previous guild structure were cost prohibitive for small guilds. Will have to look at how they are after the changes. I believe you now use scribe to get these. Will look into it.


When has the guild expressed Anti-PvP opinions? I PvP on occasion and often with a party of other Strats Members.
No one in the guild that I know of is Anti-PvP, the guild as a whole does not focus on PvP but this doesn’t not mean we are against it.

If you see an area where there isn’t much guild presence and you want to be involved in those areas, step up, organize some PvP with other guild members. There is no rule that says you cannot PvP.